Our AFM community has put together a list of rehabilitation facilities that we feel have offered the most effective therapies for those affected by symptoms of AFM.

*Please note that this is not an endorsement of physicians or facilities, but merely a listing of treatment locations that have been that have been used by our community.

Physical Therapy FacilitIES




Many of those affected by AFM have pursued nerve transfers as a way to restore function to a flaccid area. The following physicians have experience with nerve transfers specific to AFM. Contact information is supplied for each physician.

  • Dr. Seruya at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles: contact Osvaldo (Ozzy) Solano at Osolano@chla.usc.edu or 323.361.5682.

  • Dr. Moore at St. Louis Children’s Hospital: contact Teresa Hitz at thitz@wustl.edu or 314-454-4894.

  • Dr. Kozin and Dr. Zlotolow at Shriners Hospital for Children - Philadelphia: contact Kim Curran at kcurran@shrinenet.org or 215-430-4087.