The effects of AFM are both physically and emotionally challenging. Our Association is a resource for those that are personally affected by AFM. We provide shared information based on the experiences and treatments that our families have faced.



Many families may experience financial hardships or difficulty obtaining the equipment or treatment needed for recovery. If you are in need, please share your story and request support. While AFMA may not be able to meet every request, we will do our best to provide assistance.

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Enduring AFM, a life changing condition, is challenging. The Facebook Support Group is a private group with each member actively involved in the treatment and rehabilitation of an AFM patient.  The group allows caretakers to share their experiences and provide one another with emotional support and medical knowledge. 

Private Facebook Group

AFM Quicksheet

The following document outlines what Acute Flaccid Myelitis is, how cases are reported and confirmed by CDC, as well as some notes for clinicians treating AFM.

AFM Quicksheet


As AFM is considered a rare disorder, many physicians and hospitals may not be experienced in treating a patient. We have provided a list of facilities that have treated our children and are familiar with AFM. Please note that this list is not an endorsement, but rather a directory of centers that our families have had personal experience with.

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The Facebook group opened an entire world of treatment options our own doctors never knew about. Knowing that others are going through a similar experience helps to make it through each day. This group has changed everything.
— Anonymous, Parent impacted by AFM