CDC Introduces "AFM Vital Signs"

The CDC has announced that they will be presenting an "AFM Vital Signs" report on July 9, 2019. This will include an update on CDC's most recent efforts in addressing AFM. Per Amie L. Nisler, MPH, for the CDC,

"Significant CDC efforts are underway to raise clinician awareness and encourage reporting, including targeted outreach to numerous professional medical organizations and our upcoming AFM Vital Signs report. CDC’s Vital Signs report highlights important health issues, and includes extensive promotion and outreach through the media, social media, and our partners. Our primary audience for the AFM Vital Signs is healthcare providers, such as emergency and urgent care physicians, pediatricians, neurologists, and rehabilitation specialists. Our calls to action will focus on early symptom recognition and specimen collection, and rapid reporting to health departments."

The AFMA is pleased to see the progress being made by the CDC and appreciates their efforts to increase awareness and collaborate with our community. Our community is comprised of many passionate and active families--their efforts to voice concerns continue to make a difference in our fight against AFM. The AFMA board welcomes any ideas on increasing awareness.