September Scholarship Recipient - Elizabeth!


Elizabeth is two years old and was diagnosed in August of 2017 at just seven months. Elizabeth is currently still weak from her trunk down. She requires trunk support for stability but is learning to walk slowly and with support. When Elizabeth gets tired you can tell that her right leg is worse than her left. She tend to drag it around more when crawling or trying to walk. Lifting it is much harder for her. If she gets frustrated she just drops down and army crawls. She has learned to compensate very well. Because of the donations we receive, AFMA had the privilege of assisting Elizabeth’s family in obtaining a walker to assist with her therapy.

Elizabeth is a sweet and sassy little girl that is both stubborn and independent. She loves to try to take care of everyone around her. She enjoys playing with Play-Doh, Barbies and baby dolls. She also like to spend time with her big sister.